Interim Overview of the Significant Water Management Issues (SWMIs) in the Sava River Basin

end:  20.10.2016.start:  29.07.2016.

Public participation is one of the core principles in sustainable water management as required by the EU Water Framework Directive and by the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB). For the purpose of informing general public, consultation and active involvement of the stakeholders in the course of preparation of the 2nd Sava River Basin Management Plan (Sava RBMP) the interim overview of the Significant Water Management Issues (SWMIs) in the Sava River Basin has been prepared and is available here.

The interim overview provides an outline of the 2nd Sava RBMP structured according to the significant water management issues and the other issues of potential relevance for the whole basin. It provides an overview of the SWMIs which need to be addresses in the 2nd Sava RBMP taking into account the progress of implementation of the Programme of Measures identified in the 1st Sava RBM Plan. It also reflects new data and knowledge on other issues which might be included in the process of development of the 2nd Sava RBMP if they will be recognized as SWMIs on the basin-wide scale.

We would like to invite you to review the document and provide us your comments sending the form by e-mail until 20th of October 2016 the latest on the following address: isrbc@savacommission.org. The form is available here. Your inputs will be taken into account in the finalization of the document as a basis for the development of the next Sava RBMP including Programme of Measures.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation!
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