Transboundary Training Workshop on Governance and Technology for Flood Risk Reduction: Linking early warning to emergency management in the Sava River Basin

end:  07.12.2017.start:  05.12.2017.
venue:  Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, Ulica kneza Borne 2, Zagreb
The UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, in collaboration with the International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC) and with the technical support provided by the Deltares, the Royal Haskoning DHV from the Netherlands, the CIMA Research Foundation and Instituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB) from Italy, organise a transboundary training workshop on “Governance and Technology for Flood Risk Reduction: Linking early warning to emergency management in the Sava River Basin” which will be held on  5-7 December 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The aim of the workshop is to test the overall capacity of the participants to achieve an effective flood risk reduction for the entire Sava basin, on different levels, applied to both scales (from local to national and transboundary levels) and time levels l (in terms of flood occurrences and frequencies).

Specific objectives of the workshop are:
• Rise awareness and understanding among relevant stakeholders at a regional and transboundary level of the potentialities offered by the common use of integrated systems and tools for monitoring, forecasting, alerting and reporting in the entire flood risk management cycle;
• Identify major obstacles and possible solution at the Sava/Drin River Basins to empower national and local governance capacity for disaster/flood risk reduction in the elaboration of sound governance solution with a sub-regional and inter-basin cooperation perspective;
• Setting the ground for a coordination mechanism on basin-wide level and good practices of cooperation of the Sava river countries for flood awareness and mitigation measures, in line with the Protocol on Flood Protection to the Framework Agreement of the Sava River Basin.

The workshop will demonstrate through well-tailored in-field drill, carried out with the contribution of the Civil Protection of Croatia, that major benefits are possible for Sava riparian countries, and most likely the Drin river basin for floods-related Disaster. The key for it is the interoperationalisation of integrated forecasting service, such as Sava FFWS, with innovative cyber technologies, such those proposed by I-REACT, case in point real time and geo-localised crowdsourcing functions for a more accurate situational awareness and response in flood related emergencies.