Water and Climate Adaptation Plan for the Sava River Basin (WATCAP)

end:  01.08.2015.start:  16.03.2012.
Project aim was to assess impacts of climate change on the water sector and to propose options for adaptive management actions for the most important water sub-sectors in the Sava River Basin. Project was funded by the World Bank for several years (2012-2015).

Project resulted in the main report and the guidance notes on adaptation on climate change for navigation, hydropower, agriculture and flood protection, as well as the guidance note on economic evaluation of climate change impacts in the basin. Completion of the project was preceded by a dialogue with the main stakeholders, especially through a public consultation in the summer of 2014, performed through the ISRBC web site, and the final workshop held on November 11, 2014. In the wake of the workshop, training on use of the hydrologic model developed through the Project was held on November 12-13, with participation of experts from major stakeholders in the Sava countries.

The Project outcomes include:
- WATCAP Report, along with the annexes - Guidance Notes on climate adaptation of various water sub-sectors (navigation, hydropower, agriculture, flood protection, economic evaluation of climate change impacts)
- Hydrologic model of the Sava river basin
- Training of experts from national institutions on the use of the hydrological model
- Consultation with stakeholders on the draft project outcomes through the ISRBC web-site
- Stakeholder workshop



Water and Climate Adaptation Plan for the Sava River Basin - FINAL REPORT

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