Ad-hoc FIN EG

Ad-hoc Expert Group for Financial Issues

Overall objective: to support the International Sava River Basin Commission (Sava Commission) activities of financial nature requiring previously harmonized expertise and active involvement of financial experts of the Parties to the Framework Agreement to the Sava River Basin (FASRB).

Main tasks
  • Periodic review of the financial internal acts of the Sava Commission and support the  Secretariat  in  drafting  changes  and  amendments  aimed  at  improvement  of  their contents, if required;  
  • Consideration of the form  and  structure  of  the  budget of  the  Sava Commission and giving suggestions for its improvement, if necessary;  
  • Consideration of the draft budget of the Sava Commission for the ensuing year, prepared  by  the  Secretariat,  and providing respective  recommendations  and  suggestions; 
  • Assistance in development of protocols, in terms of cross-cutting issues requiring financing in the implementation of the protocol; 
  • Analysis of the resource mobilization possibilities on international, regional and national level;  
  • Consideration  of other financial  issues  requiring  harmonized approach  in  the  Sava River Basin;   
  • Collaboration  with  and  support  to the  work  of  other  expert groups  of  the  Sava Commission, if necessary;  
  • Exercise other tasks and duties particularly entrusted by the Sava Commission. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Dijana Topić, member
Miladin Ponjarac, member
Akif Perezović, member
Daniel Šolaja, deputy member
Republic of Croatia: Andreja Nejak, member
Republic of Serbia:
Mirjana Milošević, member
Duško Milošević, member
Republic of Slovenia: Andreja Sovdat, member

Chair: Aleksandra Tomišić, the Sava Commission Secretariat