Expert Groups

Permanent Expert Group for Navigation

Overall objective: to provide assistance, guidance and coordination to all activities of the International Sava River Basin Commission related to the implementation of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB) in the field of navigation.
  • Participate  in  development  of  strategic  and  planning  documents  of  the  Sava  Commission,  
  • Participate in preparation and implementation of projects from area of navigation on  the  Sava  River  in  accordance  with  the  mandate  to  be  given  by  the Sava Commission,  
  • Ensure the harmonization of regulations from area of navigation in the Sava River Basin,  
  • Work on acquirement of increase of navigation safety,   
  • Coordinate planning of the waterway marking and maintenance,   
  • Assist  the  Secretariat,  if  required,  in  preparation  of  proposals  of  the  Sava  Commission decisions referring to navigation,   
  • Propose guidelines for development of RIS on the Sava River and participate inharmonization of criteria for implementation of RIS,   
  • Participate in preparation or amending of   protocols to the FASRB,   
  • Participate  in  harmonization  and  improvement  of  criteria for  classification  of  waterways,   
  • Follow-up of development of ports and port infrastructure,
  • Exercise other tasks and duties particularly entrusted by the Sava Commission. ​ 
Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Dinka Maslo, member
Marina Simikić, member
Mladen Rogić, member
Republic of Croatia:

Miroslav Ištuk, member
Jerolima Pavlović, member

Željko Radić, member
Republic of Serbia:

Milovan Stepanov, member
Miroslav Grnčarski, member
Vladimir Pajvančić, member
Irena Konjević, deputy member
Mirjana Živković, deputy member
Republic of Slovenia:

Jože Klemenčić, member
Jelenko Švetak, deputy member

Nataša Smolar Žvanut, deputy member

ChairKrunoslav Sopček, the Sava Commission Secretariat