Traditional Meeting of the Heads of the Secretariats of European Water Commissions

The ISRBC Secretariat on 30-31 August 2021 hosted traditional Meeting of the Heads of the Secretariats of European Water Commissions. Meeting was attended by Heads of the Secretariats from the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, Mr. Ivan Zavadsky, the International Commission for the protection of the Rhine Mr. Marc Daniel Heintz, the International Meuse Commission, Mr. Jean-Noël Pansera, Mr. Bernard Baerends, from the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation and Mr. Leon Dhaene from the International Scheld Commission. Part of the meeting was organized in hybrid form, to enable Secretaries from of the International Commission for the Protection of the Odra River against Pollution Mr. Piotr Baranski, Mr. Rüdiger Strempel from the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission and Mr. Slavomir Vosika from the Commission for the Protection of the Elbe River to join online. Meeting started with the visit to the Freshwater Aquarium “Aquatika” on the right bank of the Korana River in the city of Karlovac, which provides unique experience and overview of the flora and fauna of Croatia’s rivers and their ecosystems.

During the official part of the meeting, Mr. Dragan Zeljko presented the ongoing and prospective activities of the ISRBC. The gathering was addressed by Mr. Eric Tardieu, Secretary General of the International Network of Basin Organizations, Ms. Lucia de Strasser from UNECE Water Convention and Mr. Manfred Seitz from the Danube Commission who shared with the attendees activities and challenges in their fields of work. The meeting was followed by the cruise, on the boat “Žitna ladja” replica of a wooden boat from the 18th century, showing the beautiful scenery, riches of flora and fauna of the river Kupa. During the second day of the meeting, held within the premises of the ISRBC in Zagreb, Secretaries in a fruitful discussion, exchanged information, experiences, lessons learnt, the best practices, and ideas about functioning of the secretariats, future opportunities and initiatives that can deliver added value to European water commissions in the years to come.The next meeting of the Heads of the Secretariat of European Water Commissions will take place in Ghent, Belgium, after the invitation of Mr. Leon Dhaene, General Secretary of the International Scheld Commission, which in 2022 celebrate its 20th anniversary.
Group photo: Entrance of the Freshwater Aquarium “Aquatika” Photo: Denis Stošić
Start 30.08.2021.
End 31.08.2021.