Information Management

For the Sava River Basin, as an internationally shared basin, the exchange of quality-controlled data and information is an essential element for undertaking basin-wide activities for susainable integrated water resources management. Under the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin, the Parties are obliged to exchange information on the water regime and other relevant data and information on a regular basis. 
2009  Sava GIS Strategy established vision, principles and objectives for development of Geographical Information System of the Sava River Basin – Sava GIS
2010  Preparation of the Implementing Documents for Establishment of Sava GIS which provided further conceptualisation and proposal of Sava GIS architecture
2016 Establishment of a functional GeoInformation System - Sava GIS and the modules for river basin and flood management related datasets, with the support of European Commission
2018 Improvements of the flood management module and a full compliance with the EU Floods Directive Reporting Guidance 2018, with support of the WBIF and World Bank project (Improvement of Joint Actions in Flood Management in the Sava River Basin)
2019 Policy on the exchange and use of Sava GIS data and information adopted by the Sava Commission as a living document which shall be updated on an ad hoc basis, as necessary
2021 Improvements of the flood management module and integration of the datasets on cultural-historic heritage endangered by floods, with support of the EU H2020 project (Shelter)