River Information Services

River Information Services (RIS) are information services designed to enhance safety and efficiency of inland waterway transport (IWT) by optimizing traffic and transport processes. Focal aspect is a swift demand oriented electronic data transfer between water and shore through real-time exchange of information. RIS therefore aim to streamline the exchange of information between all IWT stakeholders.

This concept encompasses the following:
  • Inland AIS (Automatic Identification System – AIS);
  • Inland ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System);
  • ERI – Electronic Reporting International;
  • NtS – Notices to Skippers;
  • Electronic Navigational Charts;
  • Hull Database;
  • Lock Management Systems.
Since 2005, an EU framework directive provides minimum requirements for RIS implementation and agreed RIS standards to enable cross-border compatibility of national systems.
In September of 2009 International Sava River Basin Commission launched a project called "Detailed Design and Prototype Installation for the RIS on the Sava River". Final report was adopted in 2010 and delivered to the Sava countries for implementation. So far, RIS have been implemented in Serbia and Croatia, so they are fully operational on the whole Sava River waterway.
The result of the implementation of this project is the operational RIS system consisting of the subsystem for Vessel Tracking and tracing (VTT) (11 base stations), subsystem for Electronic Ship Reporting (ERI), subsystem for electronic  Notices to Skippers (NtS) and a subsystem for the display of electronic inland navigation charts and additional information (Inland ECDIS).