Sediment Management

Sediment as an integral and dynamic part of river systems has a significant role in the hydrological, geomorphological and ecological functioning of the river basin. Recognizing the importance of strengthening the transboundary cooperation to ensure sustainable sediment management in the Sava River Basin by implementation of joint basin wide activities and coordinated action on all appropriate levels, Parties ratified the Protocol on Sediment management which entered into force in 2017.

Throughout the years, International Sava River Basin Commission initiated in cooperation with different international organisations,  UNESCO Venice Office, European Sediment Network and UNESCO-IHP and International Sediment Initiative, projects which promote sustainable sediment management aiming at management solutions, which carefully balance the socio-economic and environmental values needed to be set within the whole Sava River Basin.
2013 Drafting the Guidance on Sustainable Sediment Management – Part I which serves as a policy-level (strategic) document, provides expert contribution to unified approach to sustainable sediment management and outlines the scope of work/terms of reference for the preparation of Sediment Management Plan.
2013 Estimation of the Sediment Balance of the Sava River aiming to develop and validate a practical guidance on how to achieve a Sustainable Sediment Management Plan on the river-basin scale.
2015 Proposal of the Establishment of the Sediment Monitoring System for the Sava River Basin establishes strategic goals and specific objectives of the sediment monitoring and data exchange system, reviews existing sediment monitoring data and technical international standards and technics of monitoring and assessment, and their application in the Sava River Basin and establishes on-line free database on sediment taking into account the initial functionalities of Sava Geoportal implemented by the Sava Commission.
2017 Drafting of Program for development of Sediment Management Plan according to the Protocol on sediment management.
2021 Development of the Outline on Sediment management Plan