2. sastanak inicijative za regulaciju plovidbe na rijeci Kupi

On July 16, 2021, a web meeting was held as a follow-up of the initiative arosing from the need to regulate the navigation regime on the the Kupa River boredering sector between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Croatia. The main topic of the meeting was related to the proposal of the Sava Commission Recommendation on Navigation Regime on the Common Sector of the Kupa River as an example of a possible solution to the issue of unification of navigation regime and documentation developed within the project "Joint Approach to the Navigation on the Kupa River with the project acronym: Curs Colapis". The meeting also served as a good opportunity for the attendees to briefly express their observations, i.e. to inform the each other about eventual news from the last meeting.
In the end, the common understanding was that the model of resolving this issue through the legal instruments of the Sava Commission offered many advantages. It was agreed to continue further work on the Recommendation. Its finalization and adoption by the Sava Commission was expected in the foreseeable future.
Začetek 16.06.2021.
Konec 16.06.2021.