Sava Flood Risk Management Plan

Sava FRMP was developed with support of the Western Balkans Investment Framework provided through the project: “Improvement of joint flood management actions in the Sava River Basin”.
The Parties to the FASRB approved this Sava FRMP at their Eight Meeting held in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on October 24, 2019.

The main strength of the Sava FRMP is that it has managed to closely match the requirements of the EU Floods Directive and the Protocol on flood protection to the FASRB and address all significant flood risk management issues of the basin-wide importance including objectives of managing the flood risk at the basin level, establishing the areas of mutual interest for flood protection and containing joint measures for the Sava River Basin.

Sava FRMP is available for download, in all official languages of the Parties to the FASRB, as well as in English and Montenegrin.

Documents in attachment

Summary of Sava FRMP
Program for the Sava FRMP development
Flood Risk Management Plan in the Sava River Basin
Flood Maps - Atlas
Summary of the public participation