29th Meeting of the GIS Forum Danube

The 29th Meeting of the GIS Forum Danube was held on February 13-14, 2007 in Kiev with attendance of representatives of all member-countries to the GIS Forum, the Danube Commission and the Sava Commission.

 The most interesting information refer to the German section of the Corridor VII, where by end of year 2008 the Center for nautical information will be founded. This Center would transfer into the RIS Center in the latter phase and most probably by end of year 2010. The SIAM project referring to the system for registration of the out-dimensioned and hazardous transportation is ongoing, and among else, would also serve for collection of fees for such transportation (to be valid only on the Maine-Danube Canal and the river Maine).

On the Austrian section of the Danube, the ENC are improved by the new up-to-date maps, which also include the depths in the critical sectors. The lock management system is established on 9 locks, and, on the Austrian section of the Danube, the information on water level are also extended through the AIS.

Croatia prepared the Sava River ENC for the Croatia section of the watercourse, which will soon be available at http://www.crup.hr.

The representative of the Sava Commission Secretariat presented the activities of the Secretariat during last year, as well as the intentions related to the Sava River RIS.

Schedule of next meetings of the GIS Forum, namely the DISC07 (Danube Information Services Conference 2007), is the following:
  • 30th Meeting of the Forum Danube, Zagreb, Croatia, June 11-12, 2007;
  • 31st Meeting of the Forum Danube, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 11-12, 2007;
  • DISC07, Bratislava, Slovakia, October 23-24, 2007;
  • 32nd Meeting of the GIS Forum Danube, Tulcea, Romania, May 05-08, 2008.

More info on GIS Forum Danube, projects, implementation and events can be found on http://www.gis-forum.org/.