8th Meeting of the Monitoring and Assessment Working Group under the UNECE Water Convention

8th Meeting of the Monitoring and Assessment Working Group, active under the UNECE Water Convention, was held in Helsinki on June 25-27 2007, in Finnish Institute for environmental protection.It was the regular meeting of representatives of the UNECE member countries, and nongovernmental and international organizations with status of observer or guest.

Key topic of the meeting was preparation of the Report on assessment of the transboundary water courses in the UNECE region, which would be presented on the 6th Ministerial Conference „Environment for Europe“(Belgrade, October 10–12 2007). The Sava Commission, which delivered the Sava River Basin data to UNECE, was listed as one of the participants in preparation of the report.

Pilot projects for transboundary water courses were the topic of special interest for the Sava Commission. The launching of pilot projects in the Sava River basin has been discussed under this topic, which was in accordance with the conclusion of the 4th Meeting of the Parties of UNECE Water Convention (Bonn, November 20-22 2006) when the interest of the Sava Commission for involvement under this activity of the UNECE was accepted. Next steps in preparation of the pilot project proposal and bidding for financial support for project realization were agreed.