Conference of Directors of HM Institutes in CEE, Dubrovnik

Sixth Session of the Conference of Directors of the Hydro-meteorological Institutes of the SEE countries was held in Hotel “Park” in Dubrovnik in period of May 02-05 2006. The event, which was organized by the State Hydro-meteorological Institute of Republic of Croatia, was attended by 30 representatives of the Institutes from 12 countries, as well as representatives of international organizations and manufacturers of the Hydro-meteorological equipment.

Important attention within the Session was given to the Sava Commission and discussion on possibilities of collaboration between the Commission and Hydro-meteorological organizations of the Sava River Basin countries. The Secretary of the Secretariat of the Sava Commission, Mr. Dejan Komatina, delivered the presentation of the Sava Commission – Main goals and tasks, so-far results and planned activities. Within the presentation, the official support of the Sava Commission was given to project “Development and up-grade of the hydro-meteorological information and forecast system for the Sava River Basin”, which is initiated by the Hydro-meteorological Institutes of the Sava River Basin countries, and presents one of the priority projects of the Sava Commission. Presentation was followed by very active discussion on role and place of the experts from area of hydro-meteorology in the work of the Sava Commission and its expert groups, first of all, in regard to the flood protection issues. Additionally, conversation on possibilities to provide eventual financial support to the mentioned project was initiated with the present representatives of the World Bank.

Media coverage of the event was also provided. Namely, the press conference attended by representatives of the World Meteorological Organization, World Bank, Director of the State Hydro-meteorological Institute of Republic of Croatia and the Secretary of the Sava Commission, was organized and, thereon, the importance of the Sava Commission’s support in realization of the mentioned project was stressed.