Cooperation with ICPDR - 21st meeting of the ICPDR River Basin Management Expert Group

Representatives of the Secretariat of the International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC) were invited by the International Commission for the Protection of Danube River ( to the 21st Meeting of the River Basin Management Expert Group held in Chisinau, Moldova ( on October 9-10 2006.

The main topic of the meeting was the development of the Danube RBM plan, the key water management issues focusing on hydro-morphological alterations, pollution (organic, nutrients and hazardous substances), monitoring networks and programmes, issues on Economy and WFD Implementation, Danube GIS and Sub-basin initiatives (Tisza River Basin, Sava River Basin, Danube Delta). The papers were presented by the officials of ICPDR and EC, the executive secretary, technical experts, representatives from riparian countries of the Danube River, experts from the twinning project between Bulgaria and Germany, and experts from the sub-basin initiatives. The representative of the ISRBC Secretariat presented the Status Report of the Sava Commission in which the description of main activities was given. The activities of the Secretariat have been mainly focused on the cooperation and public participation, development of plans and programs, the information management and development of protocols in the field of water and water eco-system protection and navigation in the Sava River Basin.