Eco-camp for the Youth (May 30-31 2008, Krapje, Nature Park "Lonjsko polje")

In the frame of celebration of June 1, which was declared as the Sava Day, workshop for the Youth took place in a village Krapje situated in the Nature Park "Lonjsko polje".Participants of the workshop, which was organized and sponsored by the Sava Commission, Coca Cola Beverages Croatia and The Mediterranean Information Office for Environment Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE) were youngsters from all Parties of the Framework Agreement on Sava River Basin, i.e. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Secondary Medicine School from Tuzla and Secondary Technical School from Gradiška), Croatia (Secondary School Tina Ujevica and Technical Secondary School Kutina from Kutina), Serbia (Mitrovica Grammar School) and Slovenia (Brežice Grammar School and Secondary School Centre Krško-Sevnica).

On the first part of the workshop, the four Ramsar sites in Sava River Basin, namely Cerknica lake (SLO), Lonjsko polje (CRO), Bardača (B&H) and Obedska bara (SER) were presented. After the initial part of the workshop one group of pupils participated in the research workshop and the other group in the creative.

Activities within the framework of the Research Workshop involved the water sampling and analysis, which was conducted by the representatives of the Croatian Waters (“Hrvatske vode”).

Sampling included the following:
  1. Realization of the field protocol
  2. Collection of samples for physico-chemical analysis (phytobentos, makrozoobentos):
  • Measurement of basic physico-chemical indicators in the field 
  • Sorting, determination and counting the living macro-invertebrates in the field 
  • Storing and fixing of biological samples for laboratory analysis.

Analysis included the:
  • Simple chemical analyses
  • Biological analyses of fixed samples - microbentos, macrozoobentos.
After the research activities, a map of sampling and analysis results and a report on the research work were prepared.

In the frame of creative workshop, the pupils improvized performance on the basis of fictive ecological accident. They expressed their emotions and reflections of the nature and water and water eco-system protection on drawings, for which they could choose different techniques of fine art like ink, collor matters, dry pastels, pencil etc.

Most interesting works of the pupils and whole atmosphere on the workshop is presented in the photo gallery.