Establishment of the Drina Commission

One of the main tasks in the project “Improvement of Transboundary Cooperation in the field of Environmental Protection in the Drina River Basin”, managed by the REC CO Serbia, is establishment of the Drina Commission.The project related Meeting was held in Hotel “Omorika” on Tara Mountain (Serbia) on March 12-13 2007, whereon, the participants from respective ministries, electro-institutions, municipalities and NGOs from B&H, the Republic of Srpska and the Republic of Serbia, discussed about the Seat of the Drina Commission and employment of the Secretary.

The Representative of the Secretariat of the Sava Commission presented the experiences in process of development of the FASRB, establishment of the Sava Commission and its Secretariat, as well as the main activities of the Secretariat.

The main problem on the Drina River is solid waste floating on the lakes of the hydropower plants. In this regard, the Norwegian specialists presented the provisional solution for solid waste removal by setting up the floating curtain.

The project solution is financed by the Norwegian Government.