Meeting of the WFD Navigation Task Group

The Meeting of the WFD Navigation Task Group was held on November 29, 2006 in Bruxelles.The WFD Navigation Task Group is "thematic cluster" of those relating to the ports, commercial navigation, dredging and sailors. Members of the Group are:
  • Central Dredging Association;
  • European Barge Union;
  • European Boating Association;
  • European Community Shipowners’ Associations;
  • European Dredging Association;
  • European Federation of Inland Ports;
  • European Sea Ports Organization;
  • EU Recreational Marine Industries Group;
  • PIANC;
  • Inland Navigation Europe.
The Central Commission for Navigation on Rhine, the Danube Commission and the International Sava River Basin Commission have the observer status at the WFD Navigation Task Group and actively participate in its work.

Among else, the information related to reports of the Strategic Coordination Group and bilateral meetings with EC were exchanged, and the daughter directives to the Water Framework Directive and Directive on Waste were proposed on the meeting.

Following events:

Conference on January 31, 2007, Meeting of the WFD Navigation Task Group on February 28, 2007.