Meeting with the OSCE representatives

On May 11 2006, the Meeting between the Secretary of the Secretariat of the Sava Commission, Mr. Dejan Komatina, and representatives of the OSCE, Mr. Raul Daussa and Ms. Spomenka Djurić, was held in premises of the Sava Commission Secretariat.

The issues related to organization of the Regional Conference “Network Development of Local Actors in the Sava River Basin” and role of the Sava Commission, more precisely the Secretariat, in organization and management of the conference were discussed. Thereon, the First version of the Conference Program, according to which three topics related to the scope of work of the Sava Commission, should be processed: trans-boundary cooperation in management of the trans-boundary natural (water) resources, floods management and navigation. The Conference stipulated the participation of representatives of the Sava Commission Secretariat in role of moderators and reporters for certain areas. The participation of the Secretary of the Secretariat of the Sava Commission on the Roundtable on linking the local actors in activities on the Sava River Basin is also envisaged.