Regional Workshop „Cooperation for the cleaner Sava river“

Within the project „Cooperation for the cleaner Sava river“, financed by UNDP/GEF, the Regional Workshop was held in Slavonski Brod on July 05 2006. The Workshop was organized by the NGO „Ecologic association of Brod – 'Earth' “, from Slavonski Brod.

Dr. Dejan Komatina, the Secretary of the International Sava River Basin Commision and Mr. Samo Grošelj, Deputy Secretary for protection of waters and aquatic eco-system, participated in the workshop.

A great number of stakeholders gathered and discussed the matters related to water quality of the Sava river, negative factors influencing the quality of water and the water eco-system, as well as future measures neccesary to reduce the impact.

A project for sewerage system and waste water treatment plant was introduced, as well.

The Secretary of the Sava Commission, Dr. Dejan Komatina, presented the objectives and role of the Sava Commission and the activities which had been realised and planned in the future. The title of his presentation was „The International Sava River Basin Commision - role, main objectives, and main activities“ roused a lot of interest among the participants. In the long discussion which followed the presentation most of participants wanted to know how the different interests between navigation and water and aquatic eco-system protection could be solved.

More info on the workshop could be found on web site