The Sava Commission obtained the observer status on the 66th Session of the Danube Commission held in Budapest

The 66th Session of the Danube Commission was held on May 08-09, 2006 in Budapest.

Among else, the request of the Sava Commission referring to recognition of the observer status at the Danube Commission was also the subject of reconsideration on the Session. Thereon, the Secretary of the Sava Commission, Mr. Dejan Komatina, presented the organizational structure of the Sava Commission and its tasks, after which the unanimous decision on granting the observer status to the Sava Commission was passed.

The Chairman of the Danube Commission wished a lot of success to the Sava Commission in its further work and expressed hopes related to further development of collaboration between the two Commissions. By this act, the Sava Commission joined to the Central Commission for navigation on Rhine and the ECE/OUN Committee for inland transport, which, also, had the observer status at the Danube Commission, and began intensive international activities on the European level.