Vacancy Notice: Special Advisor for Economic and Financial Affairs

Vacancy Notice
for the position of
Special Advisor for Economic and Financial Affairs
The International Sava River Basin Commission (Sava Commission) invites interested candidates to apply for the post of Special Advisor for Economic and Financial Affairs (Special Advisor) in the Secretariat of the Sava Commission.
The applicants must send a letter of application, copy of diploma, curriculum vitae (using the Sava Commission CV form, attached) and three reference letters by post to
International Sava River Basin Commission
Kneza Branimira 29, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
 by e-mail:
with Reference: Job Application – Special Advisor
The closing date for submission of applications is May 12, 2022.
Only complete applications will be considered.
The letter of application, curriculum vitae and reference letters can be written in English or in any of the official languages of the member countries of the Sava Commission. The letter of application should contain inter alia an explanation why the applicant considers himself/herself suitable for the post, with focus on the background and experience related to the position’s requirements.
1. Eligibility criteria
The applicant must:
  • be a national of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • hold degree of education corresponding to completed university studies of at least 4 years attested by a diploma (equivalent to 300 ECTS) in economy, finance or related fields;
  • have a minimum of eight (8) years of professional experience relevant for the post after obtaining a university degree diploma stated out above.
2. Essential knowledge, skills and experience
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English and one of the official languages of the Sava Commission;
  • Understanding of the FASRB and related protocols, and the Sava Commission’s status and role;
  • Proven expertise in financial planning and analysis;
  • Experience in accountancy and book-keeping;
  • Computer skills: Working with financial management programs, including expertise in Excel: the ability to develop formulas, pivot tables and charts that clearly present data to facilitate decision-making;
  • Valid B driving licence.
3. Knowledge, skills and experience that would be taken as an asset
  • Working experience, preferably 4 years, relevant for the post in an international body or national agency/organization;
  • Experience in implementing of international projects and programmes;
  • Knowledge of the procurement procedures of the selected international financial institutions.
4. Required attitudes and characteristics
  • Ability to exercise a high degree of professional initiative;
  • Ability to analyse complex situations, grasp the critical aspects, and propose timely and adequate solutions based on sound judgement;
  • Communication skills, including report writing and editing as well as oral presentation
  • Ability to set challenging goals for him/herself, maintains focus on results, overcomes obstacles and takes responsibility for the results achieved;
  • Responsibility, loyalty, political and diplomatic tact;
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment with respect and sensitivity for diversity.
5. The job and key accountabilities
Special Advisor will perform duties in the Seat of the Sava Commission in Zagreb. In this role, (s)he will have responsibilities noted below.
Special Advisor:
  • Assists the Executive Secretary in all economic and financial affairs;
  • Assists Executive Secretary deputies in performing their duties;
  • Performs tasks in the Secretariat related to economic, financial and
  • accounting issues, including the preparation of:
− financial documents of the Sava Commission,
− draft budget,
− periodical financial analysis, plans and reports,
− project applications and tender documents.
  • Advises the Sava Commission on economic and financial matters;
  • Collects and analyses economical and statistical data of interest for the work
  • of the Sava Commission;
  • Follows-up the execution of the budget;
  • Takes care of registration of the Sava Commission's property;
  • Participates in developing proposals for and soliciting financial support from donors for specific national or trans-national projects;
  • Participates in maintaining contacts with donors, institutions and international organizations to facilitate consultation and cooperation on all financial matters pertaining to the objectives of the Sava Commission;
  • Participates in preparations of the Sava Commission sessions;
  • Has responsibility for preparation and organization of meetings of the Sava Commission’s financial expert group;
  • Participates in activities of other expert groups related to his/her scope of work;
  • Performs other tasks and duties as assigned by the Executive Secretary.
6. Selection procedure
If the eligibility criteria are met, applicants will be assessed on the basis of their academic and professional qualifications, professional experience, and knowledge relevant for the post.
The academic and professional qualifications, professional experience and must be described in the ISRBC CV form.
Selected applicants will be invited to:
  • an interview to assess the applicant's ability to carry out the tasks of the post;
  • a test aimed at evaluating the applicant's knowledge of English language (in house testing at the time of interview).
7. Medical Standards
As a precondition of appointment, successful applicant shall be required to submit health certificate issued by an authorized medical institution that he/she meets the medical standards set for appointment in his/her country of origin.
8. Appointment
The Special Advisor shall be contracted for a period of 5 years, including a six-month probationary period, with the possibility of subsequent extensions, provided that the Sava Commission agrees. The position is subject to the internal legal documents adopted by the Sava Commission including the Staff Regulations of the Secretariat.

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