World Water Day 2021

WORLD Water Day is traditionally celebrated on this day, March 22, with the main goal of globally raising awareness on the importance of water and the need to preserve this invaluable resources.

This year's World Water Day is marked with the slogan "Valuing Water" and everyone is invited to join millions of other people and share thoughts and key messages on social media with their family, friends and colleagues about the importance of water - in households, schools, at work places, what they would change in relation to the water in their environment as well as what role water will play in their future.

On the occasion of Water Day, the Sava Commission has the honor to share with You the appropriate messages of the President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Borut Pahor, as well as prominent representatives of scientific and research institutions, athletes, non-governmental organizations and particularly important to us – students, representatives of the Sava Youth Parliament.
Borut Pahor's Message WWD 2021
Benjamin Savsek's Message WWD 2021
Students Message WWD 2021