Permanent Expert Group for Accident Prevention and Control

Overall objective: to provide assistance, guidance and coordination to all activities of the International Sava River Basin Commission related to the implementation of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB) in the field of accident prevention and control and the activities related to management of extraordinary impacts on the water and aquatic eco-system.

Main tasks
  • Participation  in  development  of  strategic  and  planning  documents  of  the  Sava  Commission;  
  • Identification of the status of the national emergency systems and procedures in the  field  of  floods,  ice  hazards,  droughts  and  incidents  involving  hazardous substances,  with  respect  to  accidents  and  natural  disasters  in  the  Sava  River  Basin;  
  • Participation  in  development  and  implementation  of  policies  and  strategies  for  reducing the risks of extraordinary impact on the water and aquatic eco-system and  improve  measures  for  prevention,  preparedness  and  response,  including  restoration measures; 
  • Assistance in upgrade of the coordinated or joint system of measures, activities, warnings and alarms in the Sava River Basin for extraordinary impacts on the water and  aquatic  eco-system,  such  as  sudden  and  accidental  pollution,  discharge  of  artificial  accumulations  and  retentions  caused  by  collapsing  or  inappropriate handling, flood, ice, droughts, water shortage, and obstruction of navigation;  
  • Coordination of the identification of hazardous activities and other potential risks of extraordinary  impact  on  the  water  and  aquatic  eco-system  with  notification  protocols of any such proposed or existing activity or other risk;  
  • Exchange  of  information  on  measures  to  prevent   industrial  accidents  and  extraordinary impacts on the water and aquatic eco-system;  
  • Coordination of the emergency plan review procedures; 
  • Support in development of joint emergency plans, if required;   
  • Coordination of  implementation  of  the  Danube accident  emergency  warning  system;  
  • Development  of  procedures  of  mutual  assistance  between  the  Parties  to  the  FASRB;   
  • Exercise other tasks and duties particularly entrusted by the Sava Commission 
Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Ajla Rizvanbegović-Rizvanović, member
Aleksandra Kovačević, member
Muhamed Gubić, deputy member
Jasmina Aščić, deputy member
Nebojša Stjepanović, deputy member
Republic of Croatia:

Marijana Gubić Horvat, member
Krešimir Maldini, deputy member
Đurđica Butina, deputy member
Republic of Serbia:

Marta Mihailović, member
Branka Popović, member
Jovan Vignjević, member
Nataša Radovanović, deputy member
Dragana Bosiljčić, national expert
Jelena Tesla, national expert
Republic of Slovenia:
Janez Polajnar, member
Andrej Golob, deputy member

Chair: Samo Grošelj, the Sava Commission Secretariat