Meeting on harmonization of the text of Draft Protocol on Sediment Management to the FASRB

Having in mind that sediment is an essential, integral and dynamic part of the rivers the Parties to the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (BA, HR, RS and SI) has developed the Protocol on Sediment Management to the FASRB. By the Protocol the Parties agree to regulate the procedures of mutual cooperation related to sustainable sediment management. On the January 23rd 2015 the final harmonization meeting was held at the premises of the International Sava River Basin Commission. The Protocol sets basic principles of sustainable sediment management by respecting natural processes and water regime while the Parties obliged themselves to develop a joint Sava River Basin Sediment Management Plan and exchange information on planned dredging on yearly basis. 
At the end of the harmonization meeting the representatives initialed the draft text as an important step towards final signature and ratification of the Protocol by the Parties.