Fields of work

The International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC) has been established for the purpose of implementation of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin, and realization of the mutually agreed goals: 
  1. establishment of the international navigation regime on the Sava River and its navigable tributaries;
  2. establishment of the sustainable water management;
  3. undertaking of measures to prevent or limit hazards, such as floods, ice hazards, droughts and accidents involving substances hazardous to water, and to reduce or eliminate their adverse consequences,
through a set of activites, including:
  1. coordination of the development of joint / integrated plans for the SRB, such as River Basin Management Plan, Flood Risk Management Plan and Contingency Plan;
  2. coordination of the establishment of integrated systems for the SRB, such as GIS, RIS (River Information Services), and Monitoring, Forecasting and Early Warning Systems (for accident prevention and control, and for flood protection);
  3. preparation and realization of development programs and other strategic documents, carrying out and coordination of the preparation of studies and projects;
  4. harmonization of national regulation with the EU regulation;
  5. creation of additional protocols to the FASRB;
  6. cooperation and public participation.